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This article is about people from the nation of Nation of Saltha.


Salthans are the lizard-folk people who live in the desert nation of Saltha in the northwest of Scindon.


Physical Description

Salthans are a reptilian sentient species with proportions similar to that of Humans. They have elongated nose and mouth. (referred to as a "beak") and a tail that extends from the base of their spine.  Starting at around age eight, a male child will start to grow a row of spikes across the head, from the top of the skill to the back. By the time the child reaches puberty these spikes grow to be about an inch long and grow to be 2-3 inches long at adulthood when they stop growing. 


Being non-Mammalian, females do not have mammary glands, and their upper torsos are generally identical to that of male of their species.  Salthans do no have nipples, or a navel. The average adult Salthan stands at about 5'6", and the average female is around 5'4". Females give live births, and do not lay eggs.


Salthans have a single orifice called a cloaca for excretion of both urine and feces from the same place. 


A sketch of Salthans


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