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Salthan baby names


Here are common names in Salthan and their meanings. 


Honorific Prefixes

Prefix Meaning 
Gil- Honored 
Ul- Humble (Always for self) 
Igilk-  Reigning King 
Negilk-  Prince Heir
Nals- My Love
Kaes- One I know (Term of familiarity of a good friend.)



name Pronounced meaning
Dakyrini Dah-eye-ree-nee First born
Doanlei Doh-an-leh-ee Slave/belonging of God
EsLadesi Las-lah-des-see My Desire
Gifugi Gee-Foo-Gee Long Neck
Gikakseli   Strong Spirit (Self Control)
Kai kah-ee Understanding/Knoweldge
Kakeshi Kah-keh-shee House of knowledge
Keshi Keshee House, Shelter
Kari Kar-ree Beautiful
Karishui   beautiful Light
Lykesani Leye-keh-sah-nee Bird
Nahk-heh-ee Cactus 
Sangii San-gee-ee Feminine
Sadakaryni Sah-dah-kah-reye-nee First born Daughter.
Sai Say-ee Joy
Shasedeki Sha-se-dek-kee Fish
Sili see-lee Pure one.
Tasi Tas-ee A Debt, or short for "We are grateful" (Tasasesilany)
Ulykei oo-Leye-keh-ee Little Wind
Olani   Searcher
Udi Oo-dee Small one, or Humble one.
Hetesi   Laughter



Name Pronounced Meaning
Athesa Ath-es-sah Changer, Changed
Dakyrina Dah-eye-ree-nah First born Son
Doanlea   Slave of God
Esha Esh-ah Friend
EsLadesa Las-lah-desah My Desire
Gikana Gee-ka-na Very Strong
Gifuga Gee-Fooga/Gee-Foo-Gee Long Neck
Sangia San-Gee-ah Manly
Gisada Gee-sah-dah Big Brother
Gitynsana   Life is Sweet
Gisetada Gee-se-ta-da Very swift
Kakela Kah-kel-ah Rock
Kadaona   God is Wise, Honest
Kakeldaona Kah-Kel-Dah-On God is strong
Kakesha Kah-keh-sha House of knowledge
Kesha Kesha House, Shelter
Nelka Nal-kah Answer (Lit. "Knowledge after")
Onsosa On-soh-sah Breath
Ol-an-eye-|ah-ees-ah Searching
Rasua Rah-soo-ah Warrior Hero
Sadakara Sah-dah-kah-rah First born son.
Tasa   Debt
Serga   Large, tall.
Sila See-lah Pure one.
Silas See-lahs Doctor, Purifyer
Shasedeka Sha-se-dek-ah/Sha-se-dek-kee Fish
Tasa Tas-ah A Debt, or short for "We are grateful" (Tasasesilany)
Tigaka   Guardian
Tonske   From the East
Relske   From the West
Lykesani Leye-keh-sah-nee Bird
Olanyratheny*   Searcher
Tukka   Paintful truth
Tukrins   Scourger, Punisher
Uda Oo-dah Small one, or Humble one.
Ulgirela ool-gii-rel-ah Folllower of Girela.
Urela oo-rel-ah Small fire
Ultuksila   Submits to punishment
Hetesa   Laughter


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