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Flogging at karathe

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The flogging at karathe was an event that took place on September 8, 5 KG when king Kakel arrested a young anti-monarchist pro-senate protester named Urela Usher who had published a pamphlet "Santh's Equal People)" (Salthan, Santhlerogdoksanai), that was a religious and social argument for the abolishment of monarchy and the establishment of a democratic system. Also arrested was his fiancé  Kari Goshutonathes and her young eight year old brother, Ulaila. Kakel ordered them to be taken to the square of the capital city and, had them stripped naked and severely beaten in broad daylight with a leather whip.


Though Urela took the majority of the blows, both the Kari and Ulaila were severely beaten, the boy was unable to move and had to be carried away.

The event was used as a further rallying point of the anti-monarchists and revolutionists. A painting by the artist Gidosa depicts the three naked figures being beaten. The image itself was largely criticized for it's depiction of adult nudity (which still is a major taboo). however Gidosa, defending the piece said "I only paint what I saw, and feel it necessary to not censure myself as I normally would so the very brutality of the scene can be known and understood." 


Kari said "I am ashamed, but if my shame brings down the king so be it. He has given us a powerful  weapon."


About the painting she said "at first I was horrified, more people now we see my nakedness, and that of my husband. I hated the artist for exposing my nakedness ever further. But now I feel it better the whole kingdom see. Let them see a woman's privates that wasn't supposed to be seen. Let them see how I was humiliated and my privacy was ripped away from me and how I was made a spectacle.  I hope mothers show this to their boys, and the boys hide their eyes and the mother's say "Look, but it is right you feel ashamed to see. This is the line that was crossed.".  Let us not hide any of what the king has done, even a little. I have been assured by the artist that he will not profit any from this painting. That is enough for me. "


The painting is still on display in the National Museum in karathe. 


All three of Urela, Kari and Ulaila were awarded the Medal of the Broken Rod

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