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Salthan Medals and Honors

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Salthan Medals and Honors


Star of Santh with sword: Highest honor given for bravery.

Medal of the Broken Rod: Award given to civilians and military resistance at the war of revolution.

Medal of the Bandaged Sword: Award for military injured in the line of duty.

Medal of Victory (gilsananyleshaso): Medal awarded to units who complete major campaign objectives. 

Service Award: Award given to signify service every five years. 

Marksman Award: Given for demonstration of marksman skills

Medal of Good Conduct: Awarded every five years of good conduct without disciplinary actions, going up to 15 years, and after a "streak" another is awarded.


An example of some medals worn by a soldier. This soldier who serves in the Sand Assasin special forces has been wounded in combat, has served 25 years and served 20 consecutive years without disciplinary actions. The soldier served during the revolutionary war, received the Star of Santh with Sword.



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