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This page is a list of books avaliable here that are either about Saltha, or books written in Salthan (either translations to or from Salthan). Books are listed by shelf numbers. 



Salthan Made Easy - A basic guide to speaking Salthan with sample words

Salthan-English/English-Salthan Dictionary - A dictionary for Salthan and English word refrence

Salthan Baby Names - A book about baby names

Salthan Idioms - Some idioms used in Saltha and their meanings. 



BoyofTwoWorlds - A memoir of Zachary Talyorson, the son of famed anthropologist Marcus Taylorson

Saltha City Travel Guide - A guide to travel to the different cities in Saltha



ConstitutionOfSaltha - A translated copy of the constitution of the Republic of Saltha. 



Culture Test - You're a Salthan if...

Alkemeslegilkakel  - "Fundamentals of Alchemy" Translated into Salthan. 

Girelalelirksysany  - "Heretics of Rela" A salthan book w/ translation (Date written unknown)

Society Charter

Salthan Nursery Rhymes

Salthan Proverbs

tashgirigae (Crushing Weight) - A treatise on the overthrow of the king Kakel by Goshuton Kes. 


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