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Category: Library

This page is a work in progress


 Alkemeslegilkakel ("Fundamentals of Alchemy")






|aolanyginys daukalgilrelsana chialkemes  

Sanañakasekhasaes gak kas chialkemileuhel

Gidashs daalkemestsan gak gidOkasalkemestsan

kalgils gakalkemestsan gikas nekas dasanachialkemesleulkakel

alisnydas chisekdasÑatenais nathanagichathenai

gilsalis daalkemesana gak Gilirs chigiuhelny 

Datekdas dauhelshiny Nes kalgilrelsshasda

kaldarads folfal salistekda dagisalischialkemesana  chikalgilrelsshasda foldauhelda

Eknesnys dakalgilrelsshasda



seksdas chiuort (uortkrafts)

Sens Uartkraft ualkemi




(Literal Translation of Salthan)


Alchemy's Foundation

by Alyandon Matherry


 Not seen many times by young mages is Alchemy.

Old and Rewarding Alchemy is.

 A life gamble (Dangerous) Learning about the components of Alchemy.

 Hard work by the alchemist  will cause him to become rich. 

 Before success by an alchemist,  must know he the alchemisy basics.

 Can break down natiural things into magic things

 More skilled the alchemist, harness more parts/attributes.

Combining two natural parts results in a potion.

It has been said that a talented alchemist can make a poition from just one ingredient. 

Potions can do multiple things

Some effects are not good. 


Wort Craft

Same is Wort Craft and basic Alchemy. 


Alchemist's Tools

The Mortor and pestle is very important for a Alchemists



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