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Gikakel ("Great shield" or "Great defense")

 The active army. though still within the army, sometimes units that are active in areas of conflict outside of Saltha will be refereed to either by this name, or "gikeke" (great sword). The army has around 62,000 active soldiers.


Army rankings


The army and army reserve use the following ranking system.


Rank  Meaning Basic Equivalent Unit In charge of 
ukathe Little sword Private  (None) 
Over 25 Lt. Squad, 25 Soldiers
Sanshashe Blood Captain/Major Company, 250 Soldiers
Colonel Batalion, 1,250 Soldiers
Great Pillar
Brigadier General Regiment/Brigade 6,250 Soldiers
Gikakathe Knowing Sword
Lt. General hasagihasa Corp, 31,250 Soldiers
General  kake!any Field Army.


Army Unit Types

 ï»¿Nenakakenai - Basic Foot Soldiers (Lit. "going sword")

 GilKes - Kes riders -(Cavalry)

 Retsant - Archers

 Kitesany - "trappers". Armed with fidaesk and net.  

 Udheshchos "Under sand killers" or "Sand Assasins.," usually in small elite squads lead by a soldier of the rank of gisiakekesana or higher.    These receive a 2x pay grade, in addition to their rank pay. 



Army Group Origination

Size  # Groups Total Swordsmen  Kitesany Archers  Mounted Kitesany  Mounted Archers
Squad (Infantry) 2,000 25 10  10  0
Squad (Cavalry)  500 25 20  5
Company (Infantry) (10 Infantry Squads) 200 250 100 100 50 0 0
Company (Cavalry) (10 Cavalry Squads) 50 250 0 0 0 200 50
Battalion (4 Inf Companies+1 Cavalry Companies)
50 1,250 400 400 200 200 50
Brigade (5 Battalions)* 2 6,250 2000 2000 1000 1000 250


Army Medals and Honors
See: Army Medals and Honors 


Kakelkesh ("Strong house").

 the reserve forces. Citizens at age 15 are required to be given a basic trained and serve in the military, and are on the reserve forces roll until retirement. These soldiers are far less trained or experienced than a carrer soldier, and so are much less effective. There are around 3,000,000 on the reserve list.  


Kakeldare ("Defending law")

The city guard force. There are around 15,625 city guards nation wide. 


Kakelshase ("Defending Water") 

The navy and coast guard. There are around 6,520 active serving in the navy. The navy has approximately 58 ships, 35 scout ships, 18 medium sized ships and 5 large ships. 


See: List of Salthan Navy Ships


Kakelolany ("Defending eyes") or Relolany ("Fire eyes") 

Secret police, formed in 102 NG and officialy disbanded in 1 NG. Some of the same operations of intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence was folded into the army and navy. 







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